About Me

July 2014, on board Legend of the Seas
Name: Simona Mitmann
Age: 20
Home port: Turku, Finland
Favourite ship: Viking Grace
Likes: Ships, writing, travelling, learning, music, rollerskating, ice skating, dancing, drawing, singing, walking, everything international, languages, history, geography, biology
Dislikes: Hmm... hatred, close-mindedness.
Languages: Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish and French; Swedish and Norwegian in progress.
Work & Education: Studying Maritime Management in Aboa Mare
Life goals: To work as a captain, to publish a book

I was born, grew up and got my basic education in Tallinn, Estonia, but now I live and study in Finland. I'm an anti-nationalist, as I've never felt special ties to any national identity and I see humanism and individualism as something far beyond such limits. Additionally, I've always been into travelling and learning languages. My interest in ships started to stem in late 2012 and kind-of took over my life a bit before the creation of this blog in March 2013. I'm now aiming to become a captain; I've already got a license to operate boats up to 24m long and carry up to 12 passengers, I've done practical sailing courses and when I lived in Tallinn, I sometimes volunteered on small sailboats. Now I'm studying to become a deck officer.

August 2016, in Malmö, Sweden
Ships trained/worked on: Finnsun

Sailed ships (international): Tallink AutoExpress 2, SuperSeaCat Four, StarSuperstarViking XPRSSilja EuropaVictoria IViking CinderellaFinlandiaMariellaViking GraceRosellaAmorellaGabriellaSilja Symphony, Baltic Queen, Romantika, Galaxy, Merilin, Baltic Princess, Silja Serenade, Color Fantasy, Stena Saga, Vesleö II, Sagasund, Crown Seaways, Pearl Seaways, Bohus, Oslofjord, Stavangerfjord, Megastar

Visited ships: Gann, Legend of the Seas, Trollfjord

Last updated May 2017